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With the purpose of spreading the love of God and the truths of Christ, Jhonatan's ministrations are spread across various social networks and digital platforms. Every day, thousands of people hear the gospel through his preaching. At the beginning of 2023, the 1 billion views mark was recorded adding up all of Jhonatan's social networks, since he started posting videos in 2018. 

Jhonatan was born into a Christian home and started preaching very early, at 8 years old. He gave his first sermon at a "Home Service", in the backyard of a sister's house who was a member of the church his parents pastored, in the Jardim Gramacho neighborhood, Rio de Janeiro. 

Being from Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Jhonatan began to minister at many festivities, vigils and congresses around the city. He studied theology atBiblical Teaching Institute, belonging to the church in which he works as an Evangelist, the Assembly of God in Marechal Hermes - RJ.

It has been active among young people and teenagers in Brazil, always seeking to instruct leaders on how to deal with the challenges of this time. One of these challenges, for example, is the widespread attack on the mindof young Christians through current media.

Many countries have already been reached by the sermons of Evangelist Jhonatan Carlos. Among them are Mozambique, Venezuela, Uruguay, Spain, France, Switzerland, England, United States, Portugal, Japan, Angola, among others. He has been committed to traveling throughout Brazil and abroad,  where many people have converted to the Christian faith through the preaching of the gospel.


On his social networks, Jhonatan has almost 3 million followers. In them, his followers receive ministrations and messages coming directly from the Throne of God. The character of his messages are Christocentric, always seeking to bring the listener closer to Christ. Through this, Jesus has saved hundreds of lives after each message given in person and thousands more through digital media.


In some messages, Jhonatan always fondly remembers the people who taught him the values he practices today. Among them are his grandfather, his parents and his pastors. Furthermore, he is married to Deaconess Graziely Matos, who has faithfully accompanied him throughout the time they have been married in the mission that God entrusted to them.




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